Backgammon Sets Go Online

If you have played backgammon, you know how challenging and exciting it is. Although backgammon has yet to surpass chess and checkers as the most popular board game, it has somehow managed to attract a modest following in recent years. The Internet revolution has helped boost backgammon's popularity as a game for people of all ages.

Backgammon is one of the oldest games in history. It was thought that the primitive predecessor of backgammon was played more than 5,000 years ago in Mesopotamia (modern-day Iraq). As the years went by, backgammon spread out to different places and civilizations such as the ancient Roman empire. There, backgammon gained favor as the favorite board game of royalty and nobility.

Backgammon sets also underwent changes as new materials were discovered and put into use. During ancient times, the backgammon board was made up primarily of wood. The fifteen checkers were mostly made from stones and carved bone was used for the dice. As modern technology improved, pottery and metals were used to build backgammon sets. The invention of cheap plastics made the commercial production of backgammon sets possible.

Backgammon sets are available in most toy shops and some craft and hobby stores. Modern backgammon sets are usually made from cardboard or plastic, but there are also elegant backgammon sets made from hand-carved wood.

But you don't necessarily need a backgammon set to start playing backgammon. Just go to the Internet and you can instantly play a wide assortment of online games that include, obviously, online backgammon. Thanks to computer and Internet technology, online backgammon sets now function and look like real, traditional backgammon sets.

The transformation of backgammon from an old, ancient game to a modern, high-tech diversion has not dampened the interest of die-hard backgammon fanatics. In fact, many veteran backgammon players even play online looking for more action and excitement brought about by competing against a global audience. It helps that the high-definition 3-D graphics and colorful Flash animations of online backgammon sets mimic the feel and experience of playing the traditional game.

In terms of artificial intelligence, online backgammon programs are fast approaching human-like playing skills, which means that you can practice your backgammon skills against readily-available backgammon software. Backgammon-playing programs still have a long way to go before they achieve expert level, but it's a good start. However, you don't need to play against backgammon programs when you can play against thousands of real human players in dozens of online backgammon sites.

Backgammon has really withstood the test of time, and is now rivaling other board games for popularity in the online gaming industry. No need to buy a backgammon set if you wish to play the game, because online backgammon sets are available everytime you play online.