The Best Backgammon Strategies Revealed

One of the most challenging board games of all times is Backgammon. Although luck plays an important role in this game there is always a large scope for strategy. Backgammon is being played by moving all of your pieces way ahead than that of your opponent's. Victory is awarded to the first player to reach a certain number of points.

During the game, the distance of the pieces depends on the number of rolling dice. And the movement of the pieces depends on one's execution of best backgammon strategies. In the Western Backgammon, there are four existing strategies being used. These strategies application depends on the stages of the game and the position of one's opponent. These strategies are 1) the running game strategy, 2) the blocking game strategy, 3) the priming game strategy, and 4) the back game strategy.

The first among the best backgammon strategies is the Running Game strategy. This is being performed by quickly bringing and settings one's own piece on the center of the board. The main goal of this is to hit and block the opponent's pieces. The best opportunity to apply this strategy is when one's own pieces is already few, and it has past opponent's pieces, or the opponent's doesn't use the hitting or blocking strategy.

The Blocking Game strategy is the second among the four best backgammon strategies. Speed in moving owns pieces are temporarily ignored in this strategy. This could be done creating a blockage on the opponent's movement by means of using one's own few pieces. To take control of the game, one's own pieces to be used for blocking should be carefully plan in order to identify the proper timing to withdraw. The game becomes more interesting and exciting if both the player and its opponent used this strategy at the same time during the game.

The next strategy could be considered as winning breed among the four best backgammon strategies. The goal of this is to build a prime- ideally 6 points in a row that will completely block the pieces of the opponents. This prime will surely be effective if this is to be built between point 2 and point 11. Each time the opponents pieces will get hit its movements will slows down that will damage its position. If this strategy is successfully implemented the opponent will loose the chance to roll the dice. All of this opportunity will shift that will surely bring victory to the other player.

And last but not the least; the fourth best backgammon strategy is the Back Game Strategy similar with the Blocking game strategy-obstruct the movement of the opponent hoping to improve one's chances of winning. This strategy is being used when one is on its disadvantage position in the game. In preparation of this strategy, dominating two or more locations in table and at least hit a spot later on the game is important. This is one of the most difficult strategies to execute. This requires careful movement of ones own pieces and at the same time always taking into consideration the result of the dice roll.

With proper application of this best backgammon strategy winning is inevitable.