Winning Backgammon Tactics

Quite a lot of Backgammon strategy guides incorporate mathematical equations and probabilities. No question that these figures and percentages are necessary for the game. However, it is important for a player not to disregard the fundamental Backgammon tactics, which are essential to winning.

Most players still rely on getting the big dice rolls early in the game, and using them to attack their opponents or bear off quickly. However this Backgammon tactic fails when the roll values are low or when the opponent rolls numbers as high or higher.

The mistake of most Backgammon players is concentrating the big rolls on a single checker to bear it off, leaving the others in a vulnerable position. The good knowledgeable players, on the other hand, use the big rolls early on several checkers, the objective being to distribute them evenly on the board.

It is important to include in your Backgammon tactics the setting up of the board, because the more space you create for your checkers early on, the more flexibility it will grant you in terms of setting up the offense. This will allow you to attack blots that are in a particularly good position, and also makes it easier to create anchors.

Good Backgammon players know that there is no such thing as a "bad dice throw", only bad positioning of pieces. High numbers or low, you will be able to utilize them if your Backgammon tactics and strategies incorporate proper spacing.

Because your checkers are well spaced, your chances of hitting the opponent are very good. No doubt about it, getting your opponent on the bar, particularly in the latter stages of Backgammon, can be of tremendous advantage. However, also take into consideration whether it will be more beneficial to your overall Backgammon strategy to simply move across the board than hitting.

If you do decide to attack, it would be a good idea to have some checkers in the vicinity in case your opponent hits you back. If you get sent to the bar, having another checker nearby will ensure that you will not lose much, position wise.

While spacing is crucial in Backgammon, it is not to be used for the whole game; when it comes down to the end game, or you are under attack, then strength will come in clustering the pieces together. In addition, placing your pieces closer will make it easier to establish primes, trapping your opponents.

Another Backgammon tactic that should be used, early and in the later parts of the game, are anchors. While a blot can be risky, if you can get it deep into your opponent's home board, it will be worth it, particularly if you are trailing.

There are several Backgammon strategies around, but only few can be considered winning tactics. The abovementioned techniques are some of the most efficient, and by incorporating them into your game, will help improve your game skills